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Maple Sugar-on-Snow

Yields1 Serving

 1 qt Calef's Pure Maple Syrup
 Pans of clean packed snow

Prepare pans of clean packed snow and leave outside so they don't melt.


Heat Maple Syrup in largest pot available. Watch pot, turn heat down if it threatens to boil over.


When candy thermometer reaches 234ยบ, remove from heat and cool slightly. Putting a little bit in a small cup on the snow will cool it a bit more.


Test by spooning a ribbon of the thickened warm syrup over the snow; if the syrup sticks on top of the snow and sticks to a fork like taffy, it's ready - if not it needs to cook just a bit longer.


Pour in thin ribbons over the pans of snow. Use your fork to pick up the ribbons and taste. After a taste of the sweet "sugar", take a nice bite of a sour pickle, and then bite of a home-made raised doughnut. After the doughnut bite - start again with another bite of "sugar"