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Product Details

Three Pepper Ketchup is a gourmet, spicy ketchup made with meaty plum tomatoes and peppers – red peppers, jalapenos, and cayenne. Each serving contains only 2 grams of organic sugar per serving (50% less than ordinary ketchup). Vegan friendly, too. The More Spicy won first place in the ketchup category at the International Flavor Awards in 2018 and third place in the ketchup category at the 2017 Fiery Food Festival.

About The Producer

Little Acres

Our condiments are designed to help you take your recipes to the next level, making your everyday meals delicious. Little Acre's award winning, easy-to-incorporate products are made with simple ingredients, real fruits and vegetables.

No long list of ingredients that you are unable to pronounce. No corn syrup, no gluten, no tomato paste, and many organic ingredients. Made with organic sugar – 50% less sugar than ordinary ketchup.

Calef’s Pickles are almost as famous as our “Snappy Old Cheese”. We ship the delicious Dills and Sours all over the country, they are even on the menu at a local Barrington restaurant and come standard with all our sandwiches in our Country Deli.

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