Behind the Calef’s Country Store, you will find a large community garden that includes 16 – 4’x8’ plots. Seven years ago Calef’s dedicated an open, full sun, plot of land to the community. It was a way to give back to Barrington while promoting fresh, organic produce.

At the community garden you will find all are welcome; all ages and all talent levels. Those new to gardening can find mentorship with those who are avid gardeners with many years of planting behind them. Some of the plots have even been maintained by the same people for the past seven years. Education and confidence leads to successful, happy, and healthy plants with flourishing crops.

Each year there is a community plot that everyone takes part in. This includes weeding, watering and harvesting. Everything that is grown in this plot is dedicated to the local food pantry. The food pantry then distributes the fresh, organic produce to local families in need.

Each season brings lots of opportunities to learn, work together and partake in a harvest meal. More information can be found on the Facebook “Barrington NH Community Garden” page.

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