The Story of Calef’s Cheddar


Calef's Snappy Old Cheese

Calef’s Aged Cheddar is “Snappy Old Cheddar,” a term used by the Calef’s for many generations to describe our delicious cheese!

Calef’s has been aging our cheddars in store for many generations. Many people think that we make our Snappy Old Cheese but we never have. We have been buying and selling local New England cheeses since the late 1800’s. We currently buy from farms in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York and are always in search of new cheddar to add to our selection.

Cheddar Facts

  • The name “Cheddar” is taken from a small town in England where cheese of this type was first produced over 400 years ago
  • It takes over 10 gallons of milk to make 1 LB of Cheddar
  • An average Holstein cow produces 6 gallons of milk per day
  • Our Cheddar taste best if served at room temperature but will store well in your refrigerator for months if tightly wrapped
  • Mold may develop on the surface but will not penetrate the cheese or spoil it, simply cut of the molded area and enjoy the rest
  • Freezing will not affect the flavor but it will alter the texture and consistency significantly, store wrapped tightly in the refrigerator
Calef's famous cheese displayed at Calef's Country Store

Country Store Aged Cheddars (in order of Sharpness)

SharpIn spite of its name our least sharp cheese, mellow creamy flavor
Extra SharpA hint of that sharp bite with a deep creamy texture
Rat TrapOld Country Store hand packed 40lb wheels; creamy, rich flavor our most popular cheese
Super SharpStarting to get sharp now, still a creamy texture with robust flavor
RuggedStrong sharp flavor, some crystalizing and crumbly 15 Months
Wicked SharpGetting serious now, witha sharp bite and a bit of crumble, not for the faint of heart 2 years plus
3 Year AgedCrumbly texture with crystals starting to form 3 Year +
6 Year AgedVery Strong sharp flavor, crystalized and very crumbly 7-8 Years

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