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Country Store Pickling Bags

Now that it is fall you will need something to do with the abundant cucumber crop of 2021. The White Mountain Pickle Company of Derry, NH has just the solution, the White Mountain Pickle Kits.

“The easiest pickling kit in the world is a brilliant “Make-in-the-bag” concept! Using a high quality made in the USA food-grade bag and spice mixes that are ready when you are. Just add pickling cucumbers, vinegar and water and everything else is in the bag. Once you make your own, you’ll never settle for store bought again. White Mountain Pickle Company’s Old Testament spice blend, kosher dead sea salt and your most pristine water will create the purest blend known.”

White Mountain Pickle Company, A Better Way to Make Pickles

At Calef’s we have been featuring this unique product since the company’s inception in 2017. Mark, the company founder, is constantly creating new spice blends to turn out delicious make at home pickles in your own refrigerator. It couldn’t be easier to create fresh crisp pickles in less than 3 days.

Our best sellers are the General Store Pickle Kit, the Double Dirty Dills and the NY Deli style but they are all unique and delicious. Pickles and pickle juice offer many health benefits including:

  1. Excellent Sources of Anti-Oxidants
  2. Improves Digestive Health
  3. Good For Weight Loss
  4. An Effective Remedy for Morning Sickness
  5. Help Relieve Stress and Improve Mental Health

Store bought pickles can be delicious but are often high in sodium and may contain preservatives. White Mountain Pickle Kits tend to be lower in sodium and use only natural ingredients. A little known secret about the pickle kits is that the pickling liquid can be used more than once. Once you have eaten the first batch chop up some more and add them to the bag, same results second time around.

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