Enjoy a better breakfast with Calef’s!


Calef's jams and jelly wall stocked with local products

September is better breakfast month and we are highlighting some products that help make our breakfast taste better while still being healthier than some other options. We hope you are inspired to try some.

Calef’s Old Fashioned Molasses is delicious and has lots of health benefits. It has a dense nutritional content and can do lots of things like reduce stress, ease indigestion, increase blood circulation, and build stronger bones. So add some molasses to your diet for a tasty boost. Try it on toast, in your coffee, or for baking.

Calef’s Jams are one of our most popular products. Not only do many customers stock up their own pantry, but these jams are packed into nearly all our Gift Boxes. Many folks are drawn to the unique flavors, local ingredients and absence of preservatives, corn syrup, and other fillers. It’s hard to go wrong with a product that can be used so many different ways. For breakfast we suggest spreading some jam on toast or swirling a scoop in yogurt or oatmeal.

Calef’s Traditional Buttermilk Pancake Mix and NH Maple Syrup may not be the healthiest but together they make the best pancake breakfast. Calef’s pancakes are a standby favorite for Sunday morning, made from the Calef family old fashioned recipe. Sometimes you just need a slow Sunday!

No matter how you like to start the day there are lots of great options here at Calef’s.


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