All things cookies, this October


Calef’s Old Style Ginger Snaps

October is cookie month and if you like cookies, or know someone who does, read on! No matter your baking level, we have a cookie to match.

Our Calef’s website has a few great cookie recipes, but our favorite fall recipe is Molasses Cookies. Our recipe makes about two dozen cookies, perfect for sharing! Check your stock of Calef’s Molasses and Calef’s Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix. The rest of the ingredients can likely be found in your kitchen or any grocery store.

Calef’s Old Style Ginger Snaps
Momma’s White Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix

And, for a sightly easier, homemade cookie option, try one of our cookie mixes. We like Momma’s White Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix. The white chocolate chips are a unique twist on the usual chocolate chip cookie. And best of all our baking mixes are easy to throw together!

Or grab a bag of Calef’s Old Style Ginger Snaps for the easiest cookie fix! Customers come from far and wide for our Ginger Snaps and we ship these famous cookies all across the United States. It’s hard to make cookies like these.

So whether you bake from scratch, a mix, or buy some delicious cookies take time to enjoy cookies this October.

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