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Calef's cheese board

The holidays are almost here with New Years celebrations to follow. Here is a list of tips and tricks to make this years entertaining a little easier.

Calef's Rat Trap Cheddar Cheese

Cheese How to pick it, serve it, and store it

Picking the right cheese can be stressful. We consistently recommend Calef’s Rat Trap Cheddar because its a proven crowd pleaser. Cheese should be served at room temperature. A nice cheese knife will help to get perfect, visually pleasing slices. Rat Trap Cheddar is a versatile cheese that can be served as part of any cheese board. It also goes well with Calef’s Old Style Ginger Snaps. To store cheese we recommend using a cheese bag or cheese storage paper then right into the crisper in the refrigerator. Read more about cheeseon the blog.

Calef's Wood Stove Kitchen Drink Mixes

Drinks Fun ways to serve up drinks for all ages

Wood Stove Kitchen has some of the best drink mixes. These natural cocktail & mocktail mixers make creating speciality drinks easy! Serve the Mulling Syrup mix with wine or cider as a nonalcoholic option. Other fun drinks for a crowd are festive hot chocolates with our hot chocolate bombs (available in store only and definitely worth the trip!). We especially like these options because they are easy on the host yet still special for any guest. And, the best part is, these drinks can be served all winter from casual get togethers to large family parties.

Calef's Cherry Wedges

Candy bowls It’s a little nostalgic

Firstly, nearly everyone loves candy. And, nearly everyone has a candy bowl memory. So why not lean into it and put some candies out? It always becomes a place to congregate and sometimes it just feels good to enjoy a piece of candy. Visit the Old Fashioned Candy section of our website for some inspiration. Or visit the store for a stroll through irresistible Candyland.

Above all, our best entertaining tip is to enjoy the time with friends and family. Happy Holidays!

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