Creating the Perfect Hamburger


Calef's BBQ and Grillin' Sauces

May is Hamburger month, so we thought it was only fitting to share some of the best Calef’s toppings. From the traditional to the more adventurous, we hope you give some of these burger combinations a try! Let’s build a Calef’s inspired burger.

Start with Calef’s Cheese

Cheese is an obvious choice and one of the first steps to building a delicious burger. The Rat Trap Cheddar Cheese is a subtle cheese that won’t overtake your burger. It’s also the perfect cheese for snacking on while your burgers cook. If, however, you are looking for some more adventurous flavors, try a Flavored Cheddar. Choose from Buffalo Wing, Horseradish, Jalapeno Cayenne, Maple, Maple Bacon, Steakhouse Onion, or Wasabi. You won’t find these unique flavors in the grocery store.

Add some of your Favorite Condiments

If you have been to the store lately and walked by the enticing new Brownwood Farms condiments you can already guess how great those would be on a burger. Brownwood Farms is new favorite producer around here! A speciality maker focused on farm-fresh quality with a delicious line of sauces with a boozy twist. Try the spirit infused products including bourbon based ketchups and BBQ sauces. You will be amazed at the flavors packed into these bottles.

Top with Pickled Condiments

La Cebolla Roja out of Scarborough, ME makes the best pickled red onions. Available in Sweet & Tangy and Hot & Spicy these vibrant pickled red onions are a great condiment at any BBQ. And almost always convert onion disliking people to the flavor of pickled red onions. That’s how La Cebolla Roja started. The producer was introduced to pickled red onions and immediately hooked on the flavors. She soon decided to create a wonderful line of exciting pickled items. All made in small batches, with simple ingredients.

A more traditional pickled topper are of course, pickles. Maine Homestead Pickles out of Lyman, ME jars pickles so good they may not make it to the burger. Starting with humble roots as a way to use excess cucumbers, Maine Homestead began creating pickled products that quickly got the attention of their local community. Maine Homestead Bread & Butter Pickles are a traditional style crunchy sweet pickle that are so good they are hard to keep in stock. And, if you like it spicy, try Maine Homestead Sweet and Spicy Pickles with onions, lots of garlic and dried whole hot peppers for heat.

And lastly, we almost always suggest Calef’s Bacon and the perfect burger roll. To all our fellow New Englanders, enjoy the warm weather and time cooking and eating outside.

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