After tasting these special preserves, he agreed to take them to a gourmet products trade show. Little did he know, this little line of preserves would be a huge hit! Customer demand was so high they kept telling him to just send the preserves as soon as he got them in stock. You see, this line is manufactured in Denmark; however the fruit and berries in each jar come only from the very best regions of the world that have the perfect harvesting conditions for the best quality, best tasting fruit and berries. For instance, we use naval oranges from southern Spain and our lingonberries are hand-picked in Denmark and Finland. Our wild blueberries are special, small blueberries that grow in north Scandinavian forests close to the polar circle with 24 hour sunlight. This is the same time honored tradition that you receive today in each jar of Scandinavian Delight Preserves. This quality and taste captured a following and ELKI WAS BORN!