Provincial Palete


After running several kitchens, she established her own catering service in 1991. For the past two decades Sarah Baldwin has produced and packaged mustards. The original mustard was made by her brother Robert for Christmas presents. Recipients urged them to market the product. Sarah and Robert perfected the recipes for Honey Crunch Mustard and Sweet Heat Mustard and sold it first at farmer’s markets and friend’s restaurants. In 2000, and again in 2001, Honey Mustard Crunch won a Silver Medal at the Napa Valley World wide Mustard Competition. Sarah now produces five mustard varieties including Honey Crunch, Sweet Heat, Horseradish Tarragon, Crazin Crunch and Cranberry Maple Sweet Hot Mustards. They can be found in health food, gift and specialty food shops, markets, fairs, restaurants and delicatessens.