NH Salt Water Taffy


An Atlantic City original from the late 1800’s now made in seaside communities up and down the east coast. 14 oz box

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As far as the name, legend has it that salt water taffy moniker came from an Atlantic City store owner named David Bradley. In 1883, a major storm caused the tide to rise and flood his store, thoroughly soaking his candy supply with Atlantic Ocean water. When a young girl came into the store asking for taffy Bradley offered her some of what he jokingly called his new salt water taffy. The girl loved the treat so much that she shared some with her friends. It wasn’t long before just about everyone was referring to taffy as salt water taffy.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Too sweet

This taffy was a little too sweet. Also, would love to see more flavors.
On the other hand, the ordering and shipping process was outstanding!

Helena Emmanuel
So Thrilled!

I got a sudden urge for New England salt water taffy, and I'm so glad I found Calefs! The order came quickly without any issue. So great (and dangerous) to know they're a resource for my taffy needs. :)

Gavrielle Azoff
Salt Water Taffy

I needed the New England Old Fashioned Salt Water Taffy and luckily Calef’s had it and was the only place I could find it this time of year. It arrived quickly, in perfect condition and with a little handwritten thank you note. An awesome and the best taffy!

Douglas Wylie
Awesome taffy!

Who says you can’t have some piece of summer in the winter!
Their saltwater taffy is sooooo good!