12 Pickles in a Bucket


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Calef’s Country Store

12 Pickles!

  • Dill
  • Full Sour

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Calef’s Pickles are almost as famous as our “Snappy Old Cheese”. We ship the delicious Dills and Sours all over the country, they are even on the menu at a local Barrington restaurant and come standard with all our sandwiches in our Country Deli.

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Calef's Country Store

Calef’s Country Store

Established in 1869, Calef's has been "buying local" since Ulysses S. Grant was president.

In 1869, just after the Civil War, Mary Chesley Calef mortgaged her family farm and pledged her savings to open Calef’s Store in the front rooms of her modest home in Barrington NH. Five generations of the Calef family operated Calef’s Big Store until the 1990’s, including Mary’s son Senator Austin Calef. Today the traditions endure as Calef’s Country Store serves the local community as well as visitors from afar. We still pump our own molasses and honey, cheese is aged in our cooler, and our smoked Ham is mouthwatering.

Walk through our doors today and take a step back to a simpler time, when customer service wasn’t a gimmick, but the way things were done.

The wood floors creak with stories of lore, our wood stove warms passersby, the aroma of fresh baked breads and donuts entice even the healthiest of folks.

Jar after jar of penny candy tempts young and old alike.

Our Calef’s brand old fashioned jams, jellies, pickle items, bread and soup mixes offer something for everyone.

The wooden pickle barrel is still a focal point in the store. Our Ginger Snaps are renowned for their bite.

Next time you visit New Hampshire, stop by and pay us a visit, you’ll be glad you did. Store hours and directions.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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william younker



These pickles are the best. Always crisp and juicy.

Wonderful and flavorful pickles reminds me of childhood

Last time I went to Calef’s was 50 years ago when I was a kid. A lot has changed, but they still have those wonderful pickles. Used to be in a big glass jar at the door and sold for around a nickel. Takes me back!

Perfect Pickles!

We love your pickles and when we visited our grandchildren in Florida we found out one of our granddaughters is a big pickle fan, so we sent her a bucket of yours - she loved them!

5 Star Pickles in a Bucket

Excellent, crisp, delicious!!