Whirligear Wooden Toy Game


Creative Crafthouse

A particularly nice all wood form of this traditional and historical toy.

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Our Whirli-Gear is a form of a Whirligig, also known as button spinners, buzzers, buzzsaws, and a host of other names. They have been known throughout the centuries.  Native American cultures had their own version of this toy in 500 BC.  They were common in 17th century Europe.  Many children of the Great Depression from the southern Appalachians and Ozarks remember a button or token and a string as the primary spinning toy of their youth.

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Creative Crafthouse

We are a family business and home to one of the largest selections of original handcrafted wood brain teaser and mind bender puzzles in the world. You will see classic designs in addition to puzzles, & games which we have brought back to life. Not to mention hundreds of puzzles which we have designed ourselves. Most are made in our Hudson, Florida shop.