Sweet Treats for Summer


Tuck-ins the inside-out s'mores

It’s no secret that at Calef’s we love candy. Candyland is a staple at the store and is always filled with new and nostalgic candy. But our sweet tooth goes beyond Candyland and summer is the perfect time to delight in sweet treats. We have lots of new goodies including some homemade treats made just for the summer and worth the stop or slight detour (if you are passing through).

One summer must have is Tuck-ins, the Inside-Out S’mores that you roast. Everyone loves s’mores and Tuck-ins are so easy and delicious. These Inside-Out S’mores on a stick each contain a crunchy handmade graham cracker, covered in decadent chocolate, packed inside a fluffy marshmallow! The individual portions and flavors make them great for summer events, gifts, and entertaining. Next time you are in the store, stock up! They are going fast and are perfect to have on hand all summer long.

Also new, from our awesome Deli team, homemade ice cream treats. These one of a kind ice cream sandwiches and ice cream creations are a big hit! The ice cream sandwiches are made from Wenuit Homestead Kitchen no bake homemade cookies with ice cream in between. And the Calef’s Sweet Squall is ice cream mixed with tasty treats. Flavors and availability will vary as our team works to keep the deli freezer stocked.

During the warm summer months, we also suggest creating Gingersnap ice cream sandwiches at home. These are super easy to make. Grab a bag of Calef’s Old Style Ginger Snaps and some of your favorite ice cream. We suggest the classic vanilla. Put a small scoop of ice cream between two Ginger Snaps and enjoy! Calef’s Ginger Snaps are available at Calef’s and online.

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