Snappy old Mac n Cheese


Skillet of Calef's Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love a nice gooey, steamy bowl of real Mac n Cheese on a cool fall day? The Calef’s Snappy old Mac n Cheese recipe, using our famous Rat Trap Cheddar is a simple winner every time. We have been selling this from our freezer for years and now we share the recipe with you.

Start with our basic cheese sauce, Basic Cheddar Cheese Sauce add to your favorite cooked pasta, top with breadcrumbs, and bake until bubbly. Simple, easy, and delicious. Make a big batch so there will be some left for tomorrow.

Here are some variations from our Chef Andy for the more adventurous Mac n Cheese aficionados:

Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese: Spicy chicken and blue cheese crumbles

Spinach and Feta: Sautéed spinach with feta

Diced Smoked Ham: Our famous smoked ham

Chicken Cordon Blue: Chicken, smoked ham and Swiss cheese

Cheeseburger Mac n Cheese: Spiced ground beef

These are all available in our new Grab n Go cooler in single serving or family size.

Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing Macaroni and Cheese to the US at a State dinner and the rest is history. Everyone has a childhood favorite of this comfort classic. Some swear by Kraft out of the box, others insist it must be made with Velveeta, still others insist it must be homemade with sharp cheddar. My family always tossed breadcrumbs with crumbled cooked bacon as a topping and my mother would grate any cheese she had on hand so the recipe was never the same but the topping always was.

Every cookbook and cooking web site has the BEST Mac N Cheese recipe, you could spend a lifetime making them all and perhaps find one that you like better than the one from your childhood. It is worth a try.

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