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nostalgic candy bars at Calef's

Everyone has a favorite candy from their childhood, what’s yours? Whatever it may be the chances are if it is still made, we have some in the “Candyland” section of our store. We search far and wide for everyone’s old-fashioned favorites, I am sure there are a few on this list that you remember. Close your eyes and see how many you can taste. Better yet come visit us and pick out your favorites.

And the list goes on…

Candyland is a special place at Calef’s where young and old can find their favorite treats. We have jar after brimming jar of delicious and nostalgic treats. We even have some that still cost a penny.

Most candy shops now charge by the pound for their “penny candy” At Calef’s we do things the old-fashioned way! Each jar has a price sticker, and it is all sold by the piece. Certainly, this is more work for our front counter staff, it is way easier to weigh the bag than it is to count each individual candy. It is safe to say that we didn’t make it to 152 years by doing things the easy way. Many families use our Candyland room as a treat and as a math lesson. We often hear Mom or Dad say something like “Ok you have $1.75 to spend make sure you do the math while you fill up your bag”

Calef's Candyland featuring nostalgic candy

The origin of candy is firmly rooted to the discovery of honey. Ancient Egyptians are credited with combining fruits and nuts with honey to make a sweet treat. It is speculated that the origins go much further back, perhaps to the days of cavemen.

The first modern candies were produced in the 16th century and by the 19th century candy production was widespread. The first chocolate bar was reportedly made by Joseph Fry in England in the year 1847. Fry discovered a method to combine melted cacao butter with cocoa powder and sugar to create a paste that could be pressed into a mold, Fry’s Chocolate Cream Bar. This method created endless possibilities for the modern chocolate bar. Thank you, Mr. Fry!

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