All things maple for maple month!


Runamok maple at Calef's

March is maple month in New England. Warm days and cool nights mean the sap is running! Sugar maple trees are being tapped to collect sap to make maple syrup. While there are a lot of fun ways to celebrate maple month, here at Calef’s we try out different maple syrups and experiment with ways to use maple in our kitchens.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use maple, from adding a drop into a coffee to creating baked treats.

Maple as a sweetener, in coffee

Maple is an all-natural sweetener and better alternative to refined sugar and artificial creamers. Maple can add so much flavor to your coffee. We recommend adding 1-2 tablespoons to your coffee.

Maple as a marinade or glaze, try kielbasa bites
Get the Recipe

This appetizer is always a crowd pleaser. This simple appetizer is only 2 ingredients, kielbasa and maple syrup like Calef’s NH Maple Syrup, find the full recipe here.

Maple pairs with more than kielbasa. Maple works as a marinade, soak the meat in maple to add flavor and texture. Or try adding a maple glaze to salmon.

Calef’s Maple, choose your favorite!

Calef’s is stocked with all your favorite maple products. And, has introduced some new maples, like Runamok. A Vermont based company with an innovative approach to maple. Runamok creates infused, smoked and barrel-aged maple syrup and maple-based cocktail mixers. Craft a cocktail at home that not only tastes great but one you can feel good about with no additives or refined sugars. Available online!

This March, we encourage you to explore the tastes of different maple syrups and ways you can introduce a little maple into your daily meals, baking, coffee ritual, or cocktails.

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