Our Top Picks for Father’s Day


Calef's Grilling Supplies and Gourmet Condiments

Father’s Day is right around the corner and we have gathered some of our favorite products. We have lots of great options online and at the store. If you live close or find yourself in the area stop by! We would be glad to help you find the perfect gift. We always stock high quality, unique, products that you just might not find anywhere else.

Calef’s Reserve Cheddar

Calef's Reserve Cheddar Cheese

This speciality cheese is perfect for a special occasion, like Father’s Day. This cheddar is a 3 Year Aged Cheddar and one of our sharper cheeses. As cheddar ages it loses moisture, becomes crumblier, and begins to crystalize all while the flavor sharpens. Dad will notice the crystals and crumbly texture starting to develop. Perfect for the Dad who loves cheese! Shop Calef’s famous cheese online.

Calef’s BBQ Supplies and Gourmet Condiments

Choose from some of New England’s best grilling supplies with a wide range of flavors to fit Dad’s unique tastes. Like Brownwood Farms, SOS Sauces, and Terrapin Ridge Farms gourmet sauces. Featuring Calef’s own line of BBQ Sauces, traditional tastes with a twist. Pick from Apple Cinnamon, Honey Habanero, Horseradish, Smoky Maple, Sweet Molasses, Tangy Mustard, or Vidalia Onion. Narrow it down by starting with Dad’s favorite protein to cook. Is he a beef guy? Try Horseradish!

Gourmet condiments are also a favorite around here. Speciality mustards, spicy ketchups, gourmet small batch pickles, and more. All can help elevate some of your go to meals.

Craft Beer

In a pinch for a quick and easy gift? Dad’s favorite craft beer might do the trick. It could even lead to some quality time together. We even have some fun soda for younger family members. Stop by our drink color for traditional soda flavors made with cane sugar and time tested recipes. As well as some fun, unique, flavors like Warhead, Green Apple, and Pickle flavored soda.

We all know food creates memories and Father’s Day is a great time to soak those memories up!

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