January is National Soup Month


Calef's Soups

Whether you make soup from scratch, buy it pre-made, or land somewhere in the middle by adding your own chicken, veggies, or other addition, we have something for you!

Our packaged soups come from local companies with humble roots. Started in the makers own kitchens, these soup lines were grown as the soups become family and then communities favorites. Our soup mixes are easy to prepare and healthier than most store bought options. Try Homemade Speciality NH Made Soup Mixes, homemade daily in Epping, NH with a variety of different flavors. We also carry Simple Soup Mixes. A midwestern company with a passion for clean ingredients, healthy eating, and most importantly, at-home family cooking, they are your shortcut to homemade. 

The Calef’s website has some delicious soup recipes for the more ambitious cook! Many of our soup recipes feature one of our favorite products, Calef’s Rat Trap Cheddar Cheese.

Our Broccoli Cheddar Soup comes together quick and is a family favorite. The Cheddar Ale Soup ingredients will lure you into making it! With bacon, Calef’s Rat Trap Cheddar Cheese, ale, some veggies this soup is the perfect winter comfort food. And if you want a classic cheese soup, Mary Calef Cheese Soup is the best! Keep this recipe handy, as it will serve you well all year round. Mary Calef Cheese Soup can be served hot in the colder months and when the warmer weather hits, served very cold.

Calef's Rat Trap and Extra Sharp Cheese

Soup season is here and no matter your cooking style we have plenty of great options and a store and website full of items to make a hearty meal.

Make a Meal with Calef’s Bread Mixes.

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