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Little Acres

Our condiments are designed to help you take your recipes to the next level, making your everyday meals delicious. Little Acre’s award winning, easy-to-incorporate products are made with simple ingredients, real fruits and vegetables.


Since I was a young girl, I have had a passion for great food. Little did I know my passion for the food world would be fulfilled by a company my father started “unintentionally” in 1984. My father already had a kitchenware business which he loved. He had no intention of starting another business until a couple of people from Scandinavia asked that he help them market their homemade, high quality preserves from Denmark.


Behold the Biscuit! – The first bite of an Effie’s biscuit is a moment of pure delight. Lightly sweet with a bright finish of salt, they’re more refined than a cookie, more dynamic than a cracker. Savor on their own or, they can also transform your favorite preserves and cheeses into deliciously layered pairings.


Castleton Crackers are all natural and handmade in Vermont. With six unique flavor profiles these beautiful crackers are based on an 1800’s cracker recipe and debuted at the Vermont Farmer’s […]

Maine Crisp

Maine Crisps are delectable crackers meticulously handcrafted from simple natural ingredients inspired by the coast-to-coast culinary adventures of founders Karen and Steve Getz. Made from naturally gluten-free buckwheat, studded with a special mix of organic seeds, berries and nuts, they are awesomely crispy, chewy, and nutty.

WM Pickles

The easiest pickling kit in the world is a brilliant “Make-in-the-bag” concept! Using a high quality made in the USA food-grade bag and spice mixes that are ready when you […]

Camp Mix

We are specialty food producer in New Hampshire focused on seasonings — very unique ALL-IN-ONE seasonings. CAMP MIX uses only the highest quality ingredients to create one of a kind seasoning blends.

Port City Pretzel

This tasty recipe comes from my feisty seaport family! A testament to Mary Dondero, one of the first female politicians in the nation and her daughter, Eileen Foley, one of […]

Channel Craft

Channel Craft began as a one-man operation back in 1983 from the back of a step van / traveling wood shop, when president and founder Dean Helfer, Jr. drove from craft shows to folk festivals peddling his hand-crafted wooden products. He would arrive at a craft show the evening before and set up his traveling wood shop for the next morning ready to sand and sell his products that were finished right before the customer’s very eyes.