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Penny Candy

What makes Calef’s candy room truly unique is that we charge by the piece. There are prices on the jar and/or the candy that say how much it is. Customers often ask “why do you not sell it by the pound!, wouldn’t that be easier?” Yes, it would be easier, but easier is not always better.


Did you know that according to the Department of Agriculture the average American eats 8 1/2 pounds of pickles a year? Why last year alone Calef’s Country Store sold almost 12,000 pickles. In fact pickles are so popular that November 14 has been named National Pickle Day.


Behind the Calef’s Country Store, you will find a large community garden that includes 16 – 4’x8’ plots. Seven years ago Calef’s dedicated an open, full sun, plot of land to the community. It was a way to give back to Barrington while promoting fresh, organic produce.


New Hampshire is all about the fresh maple syrup and maple season is in full swing. Starting late February you will find New Hampshirites out feverishly tapping their maple trees, some tapping into the hundreds. Sap from maples can only be collected late winter through early spring.


With spring around the corner my thoughts are turning to gardening. After a long hard winter I can’t wait to get outside and get my hands into the dirt. My garden is fairly new and my soil isn’t all that it could be but luckily for me I love to eat and grow beans.